Do you find it difficult to

charge for your services?


I've recorded a special audio visualization that will help you master your money mindset, envision your financial future and achieve your money goals! 

A few years ago, I went from stressed out, exhausted, frustrated and struggling to make ends meet, with very little time for myself and the feeling that I'm not getting anywhere... to having all the time and money I need AND feeling successful and happy  in my career and in my life as a whole - all through the techniques I now teach today.


I'm Rania Badreldin, a happiness consultant, transformational speaker and coach, NLP and Hypnosis master practitioner and seasoned social entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping women coaches and speakers gain the support, skills and strategies they need to truly master their mindset and optimize their income, impact, freedom and happiness.  

It's time to master your money mindset! 

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