YOU are your big break!

Dec 20, 2019


For so long I was chasing that BIG BREAK. When it came to my career, all my hopes were connected to people or results. These expectations I had were NOT the answer though, and they were never going to satisfy or fulfill me, not to mention how frustrated and exhausted I so often was.

As it turns out, the answers and solutions were inside ME, and the biggest break I could ever have hoped for was the massive breakthrough I had when I finally did the necessary work to dig deep into my unconscious; pulling out all the resources I need to live the life I want AND changing or letting go of limiting beliefs, internal conflicts and unresolved emotions that were sabotaging and derailing me.

You can do that too. It just takes a decision.

If you have questions or need help, reach out to someone who can help. Whatever you are going through, you are not stuck and there is a solution.

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Live Each Day On Purpose

Dec 13, 2019


Are you just going through your day or are you living it ON PURPOSE?

Living on purpose means that you CHOOSE what you will do, what you will say, how you will think and how you want to feel.

It means that life isn’t happening to you (as though you are in the passenger seat of a car), rather you are taking the wheel and making it happen.

You are doing things for a clear purpose or meaning to you; you are doing them with intention.

You are choosing thoughts that will motivate you and get you where you want to go.

You are in control of your emotional state, responding instead of reacting, while fully accepting of yourself.

When you’re resting, you’re resting on purpose. When you’re working, you’re working on purpose. When you’re enjoying a good meal, you’re doing that on purpose, and so on.

Life will have fewer "accidents" if you’re living it on purpose. And even an accident can cease to be an accident if we respond to it with...

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Expect to CHANGE

Dec 06, 2019

ME with a smile on my face, shopping bags and a new ring that says سعادة (“happiness” in Arabic) that I actually bought myself?!

That would have been unheard of 2 years ago because I “never” bought jewelry and I “hated” shopping, dismissing it as a waste of valuable time when I “should” be doing something “useful”. Oh ya, and makeup is a whole other story. (Come to think of it, sharing a pic of myself in the first place wasn’t really something I did much).

I threw the idea of having to be “busy all the time” out the window a long while back, along with the idea that I have to prove that I am good enough and the idea that I am responsible for other people’s thoughts or actions.

I now enjoy plenty of leisure time, and I’m happier and more fulfilled in all areas of my life.

But to actually enjoy and be posting about my little shopping trip today is NEW.

EXPECT TO CHANGE!! That’s probably...

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Think, Do and Surround

Nov 29, 2019

It’s the things you THINK, DO and SURROUND YOURSELF WITH on a regular basis that have the biggest effect on you.


If you want to experience positive change you need to start thinking and doing things DIFFERENTLY or doing the same things more consistently and committedly (if they are already aligned with what’s important to you and move you in a positive direction towards it).

Your thoughts are more powerful than you know. When you change your thoughts you change your actions you change your results.

You can’t expect to change your results if you won’t change your thoughts and actions!

And remember to surround yourself with people and places that set you up for success (whatever that means to you)! 

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Out of my cocoon and flying FREE

Nov 22, 2019

A while back, when walking around Bath in the UK, I looked up to find this .

As it turns out, I have a special connection with butterflies. Without being consciously aware of my choice of words, I have often referred to myself as having “lived in a cocoon” for a large part of my life. I was letting fear stop me from fully expressing myself or reaching my potential. I was often resisting life, and chasing things almost out of desperation, while unhappy with the results. My cocoon was mostly a “safe” place, so it was easier to stay there, but it did not provide the sense of peace and fulfillment I desired.

And a couple of years ago, when it came time to do the deep change work I needed to do to transform myself and my life to the better, it’s a butterfly that I visualized! I have come out of my cocoon and life has never looked better.

It’s a butterfly that I now associate with soaring and flying and being free to be myself and do my thing,...

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You Have all the Time You Need

Nov 14, 2019

I used to use TIME as an EXCUSE. For ex “I don’t have time to exercise”. (I said that for 15 years!) Well that’s just not true.

If something is important to us, we will prioritize it and we will MAKE the time!

Do yourself a favor and STOP USING TIME AS AN EXCUSE. Admit to yourself if something ISN’T important to you. That’s perfectly fine. Acknowledging that and closing one door will open a different door. (As it turned out, I just needed to change/personalize my definition of exercise and look for what I WANT to do instead of thinking of what I SHOULD do or HAVE to do.)

And if something IS important to you, for ex. your personal development and wellbeing, career growth, or improving your relationships, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You DO have the time. So ask yourself: is it a priority or isn’t it? Instead of telling yourself: “I don’t have the time”, tell yourself “It’s not a priority for me” and see how...

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LOVE: Set in Stone

Jun 09, 2019

31 years ago I carved this heart out of a stone I found on the beach, to give it to my husband (boyfriend at the time) as a gift. It took hours and days of laborious work, and it has certainly stood the test of time!



Life is all about LOVE. I really think love is a muscle that needs us to exercise it regularly.


First and foremost is to LOVE, accept and value YOURSELF. That means really believing in and having faith in your unique strengths and abilities; allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them; talking to yourself as you would the person you love most in life.


As your capacity for love grows, you will begin to celebrate how beautifully connected we humans all are, and THAT LOVE WILL SPREAD. Allow it to spread and encompass a more and more diverse group of people.


LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Wake up everyday and build your life around the things you love. Really focus on what you want. Ditch the other stuff.



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The Road Less Travelled

Jan 29, 2019

Could it be that you are holding yourself back - from doing what you truly want and being who you truly are - out of fear of being on the road less travelled? 

Are you expressing yourself openly and honestly, or are you letting the opinions of others stop you? 

Are you spending your days fearlessly and unapologetically, doing what you love, or are you thinking twice, three times and four times about what other people are going to think?

The truth is that yours is a unique road, a road that no one else can or ever will travel, simply because it’s YOUR road. We look at other people’s journeys for inspiration and we learn from their experiences, as we always will, just as they will inevitably learn from us. Learning from others doesn’t mean that we have to replicate their journey. In fact that’s impossible, apart from being unimaginative. 

WE pave our OWN road, with our own set of materials, our own twists and turns. Our road is so unique that it...

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Put your love glasses on!

Jan 09, 2019

This one simple exercise can change your life! 

A couple of years ago, on one random and rather average day, I made an important discovery that - although I did not know it at the time - would have the most profound positive impact on my attitude towards life, and thus my happiness.

In fact it was so average a day that I can't in all honesty recount the specifics of how I spent it. However I do remember doing something for my dad, at my mom's request; doing some work around the house; working on my laptop; spending an evening with my husband and kids. The realization came at the end of the day when I looked back at my actions and noticed that I loved everything I did AND that I did it all with love.

Now this was not an entirely new concept to me, yet something about the simplicity of the realization really hit home, and the decision was made: this is what I want to do EVERYDAY. I want to LOVE. I want to do what I love and love what I do. Hypothetically, I said to myself: when...

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Defining Happiness

Jan 03, 2019

If I were to ask you to define happiness, what would you say? And if I asked your friends and family members, do you think the answer would be the same?

Happiness is subjective; it’s personal and individualistic. It would make no sense to look for it outside of ourselves because it’s OUR happiness. Yet we often do. We often expect others to make us happy. Or we look to other people’s definitions of happiness or success in order to follow them. That’s like asking someone for the manual of their coffee machine so you can use it to operate your smoothie maker or vacuum cleaner.

So when it comes to defining happiness, YOU create your own definition. Yes, you can be inspired by others and yes by all means read up on happiness and well-being! Just also remember that you are beautifully unique and YOU get to decide how you want to spend your time and what you want your life to look like. Make sure all the suggestions out there aren’t so loud that they are...

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