My 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Aug 31, 2020

A couple of days ago my husband and I went on an overnight trip to Fayoum (in Egypt) to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! Here are some of my favorite pics

We took in a lot of beauty, relaxed and laughed, had some adventure and enjoyed good food.


We felt grateful and blessed that our marriage has not only survived but thrived for 30 years and I thought you might like to know how we did it.

Here are some of the things we do:

  1. Resolve any conflict before going to bed at night. Open and honest communication goes a looooong way Ditch the expectations, assumptions, generalizations and labels and instead talk and really listen to each other.
  2. LIKE each other. Yes, love your life partner romantically. Really like who they are as a person too though. That lasts and builds memories.
  3. Recognize that, as with anything, we get results when we put in the effort. Just as we as people are a work in progress so are our relationships. They require our attention and our energy and...
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How are you nourishing yourself today?

Jul 21, 2020

Sometimes, not always, I’m inspired to cook something super delicious and super healthy!

Here’s the result of one of those times + some of my cookbooks

I find cooking to be an incredibly therapeutic, creative process that can be simultaneously calming and exciting (even if it at other times it can feel like an unwelcome chore).

Cooking healthily has the added benefit of not only being therapeutic for the soul but for the body too!

I have needed to make an extra effort to nourish both recently, so I thought I would share this post with you today to encourage you to nourish yourself too.

As you go through your day, being yourself and doing your thing, remember to nourish your body and your soul

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Jumping into uncharted waters!

Jul 16, 2020


For 8 years I have had the opportunity to swim in this lagoon that I am grateful to wake up to every morning these days. For 8 years I never seized the opportunity.

Today was different.

A Swiss neighbor of mine, who I hardly know, passed by these fins to encourage us to enjoy the lagoon the way she does.

Suddenly this body of water that I hadn’t particularly cared to swim in before, became curiously inviting. My neighbor’s lovely gesture, and watching her swim so happily, stirred something in me.

So this morning I decided that I would take those fins, walk over to that lagoon and finally take a dip in it.

What an exhilarating feeling it was! The peace, the freedom, the beauty, the quiet. To think I had never once tried to experience it before. This got me thinking WHY? And the truth is that I hadn’t given that lagoon much thought. I’m not someone who swims much anyway and I had basically programmed myself not to swim in it by complacently stating (to...

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What are YOU watering?

Jul 04, 2020


A watering can that I have probably had for over 15 years and finally started using!

I’m watering plants again (inspired by my daughter’s new plant passion/obsession) and I’m managing to keep them alive! That’s new for me.

And I’m watering time in nature, time with family, and peace of mind.

And I’m watering making my home comfortable and pretty and enjoyable to be in.

And I’m watering biking and swimming (baby steps).

And I’m watering my boundaries.

And I’m watering my love for humanity.

And I’m watering my career goals.

We gift life to what we give to water to.

What are YOU watering?

If your dreams are on a shelf like this can was for so many years, how about taking them off that shelf and turning them into goals?

(Photo featuring my younger daughter’s plant “Sunray”)

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On my 51st birthday: 51 of my favorite things

Jun 06, 2020

Today is my 51st birthday! :) 

Here are 51 of my favorite things, written down as they came to my mind. It felt great to remind myself of what matters most to me and the little things I enjoy. Although at first I thought it might be hard to find 51 things, towards the end of my list I had more to say than I had space for!


Sitting outdoors in a cool sea breeze right before sunset

When a baby grabs my finger in their fist

When my cat licks me

Our chaotic zoom family reunions

The “imperfection” of the leaves on that magnificent tree right outside my window

The blessing of an air conditioner on a hot day

The sound of leaves crackling under my feet when I’m taking a walk outdoors

Using the car’s windshield wipers

Removing that plastic security device off of a clothing item I’m buying at a store (I once asked permission to remove it myself and they let me. I was like a kid in Disneyland)

Seeing the best in people 

A strong internet connection...

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7 Tips to Feel Better During Times of Uncertainty

Mar 15, 2020
These are uncertain times for all of us, some more than others. If you’re struggling to manage your emotions here are 7 tips to help you feel better.


1. The first step is to ACCEPT the uncertainty. 

Some things we can control, other things we can’t, and that’s OK.

Some things we can control, other things we can’t, and that’s OK.

Also notice what meaning you are attaching to events as they unfold. Other people will project their perceptions onto you but YOU get to choose what meanings to attach, so make them as positive as you can. 

Your thoughts will set the tone for your day.


2. LEARN, and look for what’s GOOD.

Instead of asking "Why is this happening?"

Ask yourself “What can I learn from this? What is this trying to teach me”?

Practice looking for what’s GOOD. 

The more you look for it, the more you’ll be able to see it.



What do you want to do differently? 

What can...

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A Miracle and a Work in Progress

Feb 24, 2020


If you remember nothing else, PLEASE remember this!

Just because you see room for improvement doesn’t mean that you are not ALREADY good enough today. 

You ARE good enough. 

AND, at the same time, you can become an even better version of yourself.

ACCEPT yourself FIRST. 

Forgive yourself. 

Celebrate and express your individuality and uniqueness.

There literally is only ONE of you on this planet! How cool is that?  

Just BE you and DO you.

Speak to yourself with love and kindness every waking moment. And THEN continue to learn and grow.

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You're changing anyway!

Feb 24, 2020


One of the biggest obstacles to our GROWTH is resistance to CHANGE.

But, the way I see it, WE’RE CHANGING ANYWAY. 

With every minute of every day, as we go through life and experience it through our senses, we are changing, even if the changes are subtle.

So why not EMBRACE CHANGE, take charge of it and allow it to move us forward in the direction of what’s important to us?

We do this by focusing on and being more aware of OURSELVES (our thoughts, our values, our dreams, our actions) and being in search of the POSITIVE LEARNINGS along the way.

The more fearlessly open we are to change, the more we gain positive learnings that move us forward and allow us to grow, becoming even better versions of ourselves and living a life that is aligned with our true selves and that serves us and those around us.

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Are you using your VOICE?

Feb 06, 2020


Communicate openly, honestly and respectfully.

Is there anything you are shying away from saying?

Are you stopping yourself from truly expressing yourself?

Speak up!

Set boundaries.

Say no to the right things, say yes to the right things, whatever those are for you.

Let everything you show the world be an expression of you, whether that's your work, your wardrobe, your smile, or your words.

Be YOURSELF and people will adapt.

[This is a short excerpt from my online course How to Live Happy and Fulfilled]

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The Past Has Passed

Dec 27, 2019


The Past Has Passed


Reminiscing about the past can be meaningful and enjoyable.

If however you are stuck in the past, then it’s holding you back from fully living in the PRESENT MOMENT and WORKING TOWARDS the future you want.

Leave the past where it belongs (in the past). Whatever happened there, whether it’s mistakes you made, things you wanted to achieve and didn’t, or people or events you felt hurt by, it’s NO LONGER HERE.

But YOU ARE STILL HERE. And that’s what matters.

Decide what you want out of life TODAY, while ACCEPTING all that has passed. You would not be here without it.

At the same time, know that you are not defined by it. Instead, it has shaped you and TAUGHT you. Just make sure it shaped you positively and taught you the right lessons.

All we need from the past are the POSITIVE LEARNINGS that we can apply to today. Look for them. What stories are you telling yourself about the past? Turn them into success stories.


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