You Have all the Time You Need

Nov 14, 2019

I used to use TIME as an EXCUSE. For ex “I don’t have time to exercise”. (I said that for 15 years!) Well that’s just not true.

If something is important to us, we will prioritize it and we will MAKE the time!

Do yourself a favor and STOP USING TIME AS AN EXCUSE. Admit to yourself if something ISN’T important to you. That’s perfectly fine. Acknowledging that and closing one door will open a different door. (As it turned out, I just needed to change/personalize my definition of exercise and look for what I WANT to do instead of thinking of what I SHOULD do or HAVE to do.)

And if something IS important to you, for ex. your personal development and wellbeing, career growth, or improving your relationships, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You DO have the time. So ask yourself: is it a priority or isn’t it? Instead of telling yourself: “I don’t have the time”, tell yourself “It’s not a priority for me” and see how that sounds to you.

Live with a TIME AFFLUENCE mindset!


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