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What are YOU watering?

Jul 05, 2020


A watering can that I have probably had for over 15 years and finally started using!

I’m watering plants again (inspired by my daughter’s new plant passion/obsession) and I’m managing to keep them alive! That’s new for me.

And I’m watering time in nature, time with family, and peace of mind.

And I’m watering making my home comfortable and pretty and enjoyable to be in.

And I’m watering biking and swimming (baby steps).

And I’m watering my boundaries.

And I’m watering my love for humanity.

And I’m watering my career goals. 🚀

We gift life to what we give to water to. 😄

What are YOU watering? 🌱

If your dreams are on a shelf like this can was for so many years, how about taking them off that shelf and turning them into goals?

(Photo featuring my younger daughter’s plant “Sunray”)


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