The Past Has Passed

Dec 27, 2019


The Past Has Passed


Reminiscing about the past can be meaningful and enjoyable.

If however you are stuck in the past, then it’s holding you back from fully living in the PRESENT MOMENT and WORKING TOWARDS the future you want.

Leave the past where it belongs (in the past). Whatever happened there, whether it’s mistakes you made, things you wanted to achieve and didn’t, or people or events you felt hurt by, it’s NO LONGER HERE.

But YOU ARE STILL HERE. And that’s what matters.

Decide what you want out of life TODAY, while ACCEPTING all that has passed. You would not be here without it.

At the same time, know that you are not defined by it. Instead, it has shaped you and TAUGHT you. Just make sure it shaped you positively and taught you the right lessons.

All we need from the past are the POSITIVE LEARNINGS that we can apply to today. Look for them. What stories are you telling yourself about the past? Turn them into success stories.

How you choose to look at the past affects your ability to make the most of today and positively shape your future outcomes.

Forgive yourself and others (you were doing your best and so were they) and LET GO of anything that is not serving you.

Today is a new chance to live light and free; grateful for this moment; rid of the burdens or struggles of yesterday; and filled with the dreams of tomorrow, knowing that you are worthy and deserving of them.


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