On my 51st birthday: 51 of my favorite things

Jun 06, 2020

Today is my 51st birthday! :) 

Here are 51 of my favorite things, written down as they came to my mind. It felt great to remind myself of what matters most to me and the little things I enjoy. Although at first I thought it might be hard to find 51 things, towards the end of my list I had more to say than I had space for!


Sitting outdoors in a cool sea breeze right before sunset

When a baby grabs my finger in their fist

When my cat licks me

Our chaotic zoom family reunions

The “imperfection” of the leaves on that magnificent tree right outside my window

The blessing of an air conditioner on a hot day

The sound of leaves crackling under my feet when I’m taking a walk outdoors

Using the car’s windshield wipers

Removing that plastic security device off of a clothing item I’m buying at a store (I once asked permission to remove it myself and they let me. I was like a kid in Disneyland)

Seeing the best in people 

A strong internet connection

The smell of freshly baked bread

A well-lit room with comfy furniture and a large glass window overlooking a garden

Spring flowers

An open-kitchen

Music that inspires me to sing along

Helping people help themselves

Considering all sides of a story and knowing that even then I only have a glimpse of the full story, if even that

That I can now work with my pyjama pants on and no one would know

The iced coffee smoothie my daughter makes me

Getting to wake up next to my husband every morning (hence the freaking out a bit when he would happen to wake up earlier and dare to leave the room. I stopped doing that though!)

Learning continuously from my 3 kids

That there is a human being on this planet to whom I am grandma!

That I got raised by incredibly cool parents

That I have finally seen and embraced myself as I am

A fresh, hot croissant

That there is so much love in the world (even though the voices of hate may sometimes appear to be louder)

That there are 7.8 billion varieties of human beings! How incredibly awesome is that?

Sitting under the stars on a peaceful night

The wrinkles on my face that remind me of the wealth of beauty and challenges I have lived through

A quiet evening with my husband sharing a yummy meal and a good show

Friday family lunch with my parents, mother-in-law, sister and kids (replaced by the weekly zoom reunions at the moment)

Making up ridiculous songs with nonsensical words and even weirder sound effects

Seeing others rise and succeed, each in their own way

Witnessing acts of kindness

Scones with jam and clotted cream (not that I like that it’s called clotted)

Connecting with my best friend

The sounds of birds chirping in the early morning just outside my bedroom

That I get to choose how I think and feel

That whatever is going on, if I’m still alive I’m still ok 

The incredible outpour of love I see when someone special passes away

The arrival gates at airports with people running to reunite with each other

The quiet when everyone is asleep 

The noise when everyone is awake (not too much for too long though!)

The way technology can enrich lives


The freedom of flying like a butterfly (a feeling not reserved for butterflies btw)

The comfort of my bed especially after a long day (yes all days are the same in length but you know what I mean)

My grey hair that serves as a reminder that things in life are never just black or white

A walk in the forest 

Someone else deciding what we’re going to eat that day (unless it’s complicated and I’m the one who will be doing the cooking)


Tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite things?


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