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No more running!

Oct 15, 2021

Throwback to a moment of peace and relaxation at my retreat earlier this year.

Are you taking the time to rest and relax? I used to think that I had to be “useful” and “productive” all the time.

I was in a self-inflicted state of constant running, and I kept moving the finish line.

So I was never satisfied, and it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, no matter how far I went.

This, as I later came to realize, was partly due to a low sense of self-worth and a belief that I had to prove myself; that I had to earn the status of “worthy”.

I’ve done a great deal of inner work over the past few years, letting go of beliefs that were no longer serving me and changing my perception of myself and how I choose to spend my time

I have slowed down and enjoyed life more. This is what I now believe:

Resting is “productive” too!

I don’t have to be productive all the time. (I don’t “have” to anything at all. Doing things because we “want” to gets us further and benefits others more).

I’m entirely free to simply BE myself (I know what that means now) and DO the things that light me up.

We don’t have to prove ourselves. We’re all already worthy. We’re born worthy and somewhere along the way we get convinced otherwise. It’s time to change that.

There is no race, so there is absolutely no point in running! We’re better off simply savoring the moment while working towards what matters to us. And we can do this any way we choose and at any pace we choose.

Even if we were to falsely compare life to a race, it would be about the race itself and not the finish line. So make sure you’re enjoying it!

Attaching ourselves to the outcome stops us from learning and growing. Focus on the joy of the journey.


It has been a challenging year for me, contrary to what my social media profile might show. I have kept myself busy in ways that are meaningful to me yet there are days that it took using all my tools just to make it through the day.

I have learned to be even more gentle with myself and to accept that, just like everyone else, I too will have my struggles and I will navigate them as gracefully as I can manage. And that’s perfectly fine.

Love to you all ❤️


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