My spiritual women's retreat!

Apr 24, 2021

I’m thrilled to have hosted my first retreat "The Ramadan Reboot" at such a beautiful place, just outside of Cairo, the wonderful Ardi Dahshur @ardi_dahshur ☀️🧘🏽‍♀️


More about the retreat:

The Ramadan Reboot is an inclusive spiritual women’s weekend retreat to reboot your mind, body and soul. 😌
🔹 Spend a weekend in a breathtaking and serene setting, surrounded by nature.
🔹 It’s time to go low-tech and high connection!
🔹 Connect with your higher self, your surroundings and others.
🔹 Use the power of intermittent fasting to nourish your body, practice self-care and stillness, and tap into the limitless love, strength and beauty within.
🔹 Through a series of group lectures, discussions and sessions, learn about and engage in wellness-boosting practices and healing activities from guided meditations, hypnotherapy and sound healing to sunset yoga and live music and more!
🔹 Take charge of your thoughts, emotions and actions and come out of the weekend rejuvenated and excited to create the life you want!

Live performance and sound healing with Hana Seifelnasr @_kilma_ 🎤

Yoga and conversation with the soul dancer Mariam Azmi @mariamazmi_ 🤸🏽‍♀️



The retreat took place on April 22-24, 2021 and was a huge success!

Here are the highlights:

We started Day 1 with a warm welcome, introductions and a short tour of our new home, followed by a yummy and nourishing vegetarian iftar (seriously, omg)😋

Next on the agenda was our evening circle around a campfire, an enriching lecture and discussions, before moving to the dome for a lovely sound healing session by Hana Seifelnasr (Kilma) , complete with a sound bath and singing bowl 😌



Oh yeah, did I mention we nibbled on fruit kababs? 🍌🍓

After the sound healing we took some time to ourselves until sohour.

We chatted and bonded over another incredibly tasty meal, and by then it was time for a good night’s sleep 😴

When we assembled the next morning, we did this in complete silence 🤫

Our silent nature walk connected us with our surroundings and with ourselves. In our silent observation we could not help but notice and appreciate the beauty and magnificence of things we had otherwise dismissed or taken for granted. 🍀🌿

We came out of the walk elevated and at peace. (Kids, try this at home! ☺️)

 After our silent nature walk, Day 2 of The Ramadan Reboot was value-packed! 

We started with our morning circle and a powerful Thich Naht Hanh meditation followed by a lecture and discussion on self-nourishment, self-love, living in the moment and much more.

Then came time for a morning break to relax, read a book, take a walk... before we jazzed things up with a dancercize!! 💃🏼💃🏼

For half an hour we let go of any inhibitions and moved our bodies to the music, freely at first and then following each other’s leads🕺🏼

We laughed, had loads of fun and got a good workout too!

Next on the agenda was a surprise sensory activity. With their eyes closed, everyone connected with different natural objects using touch, smell and hearing 🌿🍈🌺

While they guessed most of the objects, more importantly their appreciation for each unique object grew immensely!

How often do we really take time to notice and appreciate our surroundings, down to the minutest detail?

During our afternoon free time most of us took a refreshing dip in the pool 🏊🏼‍♀️ 😄

Then it was time for a wonderful sunset yoga practice with Mariam Azmi 🌅🧘‍♀️

With the roof of Ardi Dahshur offering a fabulous view plus the cool weather and soothing music, we were set up for success. All we needed to do was surrender and allow ourselves to flow 😌

After another scrumptious iftar with stuffed “farm to table” cabbages and other stuffed veggies, vegetarian molokhia and salads, we headed to the living room for a super inspiring conversation with Mariam 😍💪🏼💪🏼

Next it was time for our musical evening with Kilma! She impressed us all with her original music and captivating voice! ❤️

And that’s not all! She got us all making our own music through various “real” and make-shift instruments. We each did our own thing, explored different rhythms and even did a sing-along.

She winded it all down with a soothing meditation to the sounds of Mother Earth’s Plantasia 🌱

Next on the agenda was star gazing on the roof 🌌 (more chatting than gazing 😀) followed by the 😋 sohour.


Day 3 started with therapeutic barefoot grounding to reconnect with the earth’s electrical charges🦶🏼🌍 We did this in silence to increase the benefit of the activity (more opportunity for quiet observation and contemplation 🤫).

The next few hours included a body scan meditation, eye-opening and heart-warming discussions and breakthroughs, practical exercises and powerful deep level work through group visualization and hypnotherapy.

After a relaxing morning break, it was time to unleash our creativity! 🎨

Through paints, colors and various objects and materials, we brought our visualizations to life by creating non-traditional vision boards to take us one step closer to the future we desire (and deserve)! 🚀

This was both a peaceful and energizing time that everyone enjoyed! ❤️

Our final closing circle, right before sunset, was somewhat bittersweet. The weekend had been so memorable and the connections so genuine that we knew we would miss our time together. Most of all though, we were grateful for it 🙏🏻😊

As a final bit of child-like fun, we blew bubbles (fascinated by reflections of the surrounding palm trees inside each bubble 🌴), talked, laughed and took pics before our last meal together (again, yum).

And just like that it was time to head home, filled with learnings and happy memories 😄❤️


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