My 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Aug 31, 2020

A couple of days ago my husband and I went on an overnight trip to Fayoum (in Egypt) to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! Here are some of my favorite pics 😍

We took in a lot of beauty, relaxed and laughed, had some adventure and enjoyed good food.


We felt grateful and blessed that our marriage has not only survived but thrived for 30 years and I thought you might like to know how we did it.

Here are some of the things we do:

  1. Resolve any conflict before going to bed at night. Open and honest communication goes a looooong way 🙌🏼 Ditch the expectations, assumptions, generalizations and labels and instead talk and really listen to each other.
  2. LIKE each other. Yes, love your life partner romantically. Really like who they are as a person too though. That lasts and builds memories.
  3. Recognize that, as with anything, we get results when we put in the effort. Just as we as people are a work in progress so are our relationships. They require our attention and our energy and they are so worth it. 
  4. Support and lift each other up in the unique way that each of you needs. Respect each other’s choices and dreams.
  5. If you are going to make an assumption or attach a meaning to something your partner did (or didn’t do), start with an assumption of good intentions/good will. Also remember that not everything is necessarily about you. 😊

These learnings apply to ALL our relationships. How do YOU keep your relationships happy?


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