LOVE: Set in Stone

Jun 09, 2019

31 years ago I carved this heart out of a stone I found on the beach, to give it to my husband (boyfriend at the time) as a gift. It took hours and days of laborious work, and it has certainly stood the test of time!



Life is all about LOVE. I really think love is a muscle that needs us to exercise it regularly. ❤️


First and foremost is to LOVE, accept and value YOURSELF. That means really believing in and having faith in your unique strengths and abilities; allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them; talking to yourself as you would the person you love most in life. ❤️


As your capacity for love grows, you will begin to celebrate how beautifully connected we humans all are, and THAT LOVE WILL SPREAD. Allow it to spread and encompass a more and more diverse group of people. ❤️


LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Wake up everyday and build your life around the things you love. Really focus on what you want. Ditch the other stuff. ❤️


LOVE WHAT YOU SAY. Words are SO powerful. Decide how you will use them and for what purpose. ❤️

LOVE THAT YOU GET TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT through your thoughts and actions. You really do! Those are the things you CAN control. So keep them positive and meaningful, and coming from a place of love. ❤️


LOVE THE UNCERTAINTIES OF LIFE, for as difficult or confusing as they may seem, within them lie opportunities you have never imagined and important lessons that will take you to greater heights. Trust yourself: your future isn’t going to be there by itself. You will be there too! You will do your best, and you will be ok. TRUST that God/the universe has your back. Always. ❤️ 


Lots of love,



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