Live Each Day On Purpose

Dec 13, 2019


Are you just going through your day or are you living it ON PURPOSE?

Living on purpose means that you CHOOSE what you will do, what you will say, how you will think and how you want to feel.

It means that life isn’t happening to you (as though you are in the passenger seat of a car), rather you are taking the wheel and making it happen.

You are doing things for a clear purpose or meaning to you; you are doing them with intention.

You are choosing thoughts that will motivate you and get you where you want to go.

You are in control of your emotional state, responding instead of reacting, while fully accepting of yourself.

When you’re resting, you’re resting on purpose. When you’re working, you’re working on purpose. When you’re enjoying a good meal, you’re doing that on purpose, and so on.

Life will have fewer "accidents" if you’re living it on purpose. And even an accident can cease to be an accident if we respond to it with purpose; learning from it in the most positive and meaningful way.


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