Jumping into uncharted waters!

Jul 16, 2020


For 8 years I have had the opportunity to swim in this lagoon that I am grateful to wake up to every morning these days. For 8 years I never seized the opportunity.

Today was different.

A Swiss neighbor of mine, who I hardly know, passed by these fins to encourage us to enjoy the lagoon the way she does.

Suddenly this body of water that I hadn’t particularly cared to swim in before, became curiously inviting. My neighbor’s lovely gesture, and watching her swim so happily, stirred something in me.

So this morning I decided that I would take those fins, walk over to that lagoon and finally take a dip in it.

What an exhilarating feeling it was! The peace, the freedom, the beauty, the quiet. To think I had never once tried to experience it before. This got me thinking WHY? And the truth is that I hadn’t given that lagoon much thought. I’m not someone who swims much anyway and I had basically programmed myself not to swim in it by complacently stating (to myself at least) that “I never swim in it”. I had heard that the ground is muddy and slimy and getting into the lagoon I would have to step over small pebbles. That sounded uncomfortable to me and I figured it wasn’t worth it. And I was fine with that. It wasn’t a problem.

Only recently (as I set out to enjoy the finer things in life) had I started contemplating the idea of buying water shoes so that I could go in without the discomfort of the pebbles or slimy ground.

So when these fins came to my door they inadvertently offered a solution to my problem!

They finally got me moving; doing something I had never done before. And it was so worth it!

Because you can’t really walk in fins, I did experience the discomfort of the pebbles under my bare feet (a problem easily fixed by wearing beach slippers next time) but even that wasn’t the huge inconvenience I had hyped it up to be.

Sometimes the solution to our problem IS simple. We just have to want a solution. Sometimes the solution is offered by someone else and we only need to recognize that, accept the help and move forward with it. And when we do we will either experience exhilaration or we won’t. Either way we will have truly lived, and learned.


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