I'm writing my first book: Happy Inside Out!

Jun 01, 2021

I'm soooooo excited to announce that I’m officially starting writing my first book! ✍️ ✍️ ✍️

To launch the process, take it seriously, minimize interruptions and maximize creativity, I’ve arranged a full day writing retreat for myself at this beautiful spot. 😄

My plan is to do this once a week! (The rest of the week I’m pretty much at home, so this is a lovely and productive change!)

What's my book about? Happiness of course!

Happiness is so underrated!

It’s something that we want and that we wish upon others (you often hear us say Happy birthday, Happy anniversary, Happy new year etc) yet we seldom talk about happiness, think about it or align our actions to it.

Many of us are unclear on what happiness is (and what it isn’t) and what it means to US specifically.

Thankfully, in recent years, happiness has been taken more seriously by various governments, researchers, entities and individuals. And I’m one of those individuals. 😄

Making happiness a priority has helped me improve my life AND positively impact the lives of others.

As a happiness consultant, mindset coach and NLP and Hypnosis master practitioner, I’m excited to be working on my first book HAPPY INSIDE OUT: 5 steps to mastering the happy life you deserve and the world needs.

And I’m happy to announce that my book cover is ready 📕💃🏼💃🏼!

Take a look at the cover through this link (https://www.raniabadreldin.com/happy-inside-out) and sign up to join my inner book circle and be the first to know when my book is out! 🙌🏼

Side note: In case you were wondering, I only gave my back to this view to take these pics. Now I’ve turned around and I’m looking at it. 🌴Oh ya, I’m also now happily sitting in the shade (not a big fan of direct sunlight, except in the winter) (the things we do for a good pic 🤪)



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