Expect to CHANGE

Dec 06, 2019

ME with a smile on my face, shopping bags and a new ring that says سعادة (“happiness” in Arabic) that I actually bought myself?!

That would have been unheard of 2 years ago because I “never” bought jewelry and I “hated” shopping, dismissing it as a waste of valuable time when I “should” be doing something “useful”. Oh ya, and makeup is a whole other story. (Come to think of it, sharing a pic of myself in the first place wasn’t really something I did much).

I threw the idea of having to be “busy all the time” out the window a long while back, along with the idea that I have to prove that I am good enough and the idea that I am responsible for other people’s thoughts or actions.

I now enjoy plenty of leisure time, and I’m happier and more fulfilled in all areas of my life.

But to actually enjoy and be posting about my little shopping trip today is NEW.

EXPECT TO CHANGE!! That’s probably the only expectation you will hear me asking you to have. (Because happiness is: to follow your highest excitement, with integrity, and with ZERO expectation of or attachment to the outcome/result)

Resisting change (instead of embracing it) is one of the reasons we struggle. The truth is that we are all in a constant state of change, whether we are aware of it or not. Every moment of every day brings with it a set of stimuli that our brain processes and that shape us.

We’re changing ANYWAY. So let’s become aware of that, TAKE CHARGE, and make those changes work for us; in the direction of what’s important to us and what we want.

As you work to become an even better version of your already-awesome self, expect that you may cease to find fulfillment in some things and start to enjoy or want different things. That’s normal, otherwise it wouldn’t be called change! Go with it and go for it. And adjust accordingly as you go along.

And remember that you are allowed to change your mind (quite literally) any time and as often as you want, without having to explain or justify that.

We really ARE free, so why limit ourselves?

And if I change my mind about any of the above I’ll be sure to let you know 😉


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