Defining Happiness

Jan 03, 2019

If I were to ask you to define happiness, what would you say? And if I asked your friends and family members, do you think the answer would be the same?

Happiness is subjective; it’s personal and individualistic. It would make no sense to look for it outside of ourselves because it’s OUR happiness. Yet we often do. We often expect others to make us happy. Or we look to other people’s definitions of happiness or success in order to follow them. That’s like asking someone for the manual of their coffee machine so you can use it to operate your smoothie maker or vacuum cleaner.

So when it comes to defining happiness, YOU create your own definition. Yes, you can be inspired by others and yes by all means read up on happiness and well-being! Just also remember that you are beautifully unique and YOU get to decide how you want to spend your time and what you want your life to look like. Make sure all the suggestions out there aren’t so loud that they are preventing you from being still enough to hear that voice deep inside you. 

Happiness comes from identifying what you truly love, what excites you and matters most to you and then arranging your life around those things. 

It comes from daring to dig deep into yourself to identify and let go of anything that is not serving you well including limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions. 

It comes from doing things YOUR way at YOUR pace while comparing yourself to no one but yourself. 

It comes from leaving the past exactly where it belongs: in the past. 

It comes from daring to dream and set goals and believing that you CAN create the future you want. 

It comes from accepting that things won’t always go exactly as you expected and that’s fine: there is a good reason for that and a lesson to be learned. Learn it and move on. 

It comes from becoming aware of who you really are and then waking up every day and simply being yourself, fearlessly and unapologetically. 

It comes from exercising self-love and self-compassion, while being loving and compassionate towards others. 

It comes from looking for and being grateful for all that is good and believing in your strength and resilience when it comes to overcoming any bumps, twists or turns along the way.

It’s not always easy, and hard work is often involved, but it is shockingly simple and liberating when we realize that happiness is a MINDSET and a CHOICE. It’s in our hands, right here, right now. 

Choose it. :)

Stay tuned for more on happiness later...


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