Blow your troubles away?

Sep 06, 2021


We’re never too old for some bubble-blowing fun! Do you agree?


And bubbles can be more than a fun activity.

I use them in my retreats and workshops as a wonderful personal and professional development tool! (In fact a few years ago I took a bunch of them all the way to the University for Peace in Costa Rica where they were a huge hit among the participants of my workshop. I had taken it for granted, but apparently we make amazing bubbles here in Egypt 😲)!


Here are 2 powerful “bubbly” exercises that you might like to give a go:

1. As you blow the bubbles, think of all the things about yourself that you want to let go of, that you feel are no longer serving you; the things that are not aligned with the new life you want for yourself. Watch those things fly away and disappear forever!

2. As you blow the bubbles, think of your intentions, aspirations, dreams or goals and put them out into the universe to start that momentum of inspired action that will help you realize them!

And of course you can always blow your bubbles for some simple child-like joy or therapeutic relaxation 😀

Let me know which of these ideas you like!


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