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Are you opening doors?

May 07, 2021

Imagine that the life you want is right behind this door and all you have to do is know what you want and open the door to reach it! What would you do?

Would you sit back and look at the door and do nothing, or would you go open it?

If you aren’t able to open it (maybe it’s temporarily locked) would you knock on the door to find out what it’s going to take to get to the other side?

If that doesn’t work, would you knock again and again? Or would you give up?

The happiest and most successful people get clear on what they want and then they go after it!

And they keep going after it, making sure to enjoy the journey along the way.

They knock on as many doors as it takes, knowing that not all doors will open up for them and that’s ok. The right doors will.

They reach out to others and collaborate.

They share their story and their message, and they use their voice to make it loud and clear.

They don’t just sit back and wait for doors to open, they make things happen.

They also believe in themselves enough that doors often appear to magically open!

Which doors do you want to open? Which doors seem exciting to you? Get up and start knocking, or maybe walk straight through!!


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