A Giant Pestle and Mortar

Nov 19, 2020

Me with a giant pestle and mortar, just because why not? 😊

I’m not the kind of person who would see this and walk past it. Naturally I stopped to play for a bit. 🤓

As often as I can, I seize opportunities to goof off, experience new things and even be “silly”.

Who wants to be serious all the time, right?

Do you weave play into your day? How?

On a different note, if you were to completely CRUSH ONE LIMITING BELIEF in this giant pestle and mortar, which would it be?? 

Are you aware of your limiting beliefs? For the longest time, I wasn’t (until I was 😊).

Here’s one of my old beliefs:
I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough; that I had to prove myself through hard work and impressive accomplishments. This caused me to put constant pressure on myself to perform and often left me dissatisfied with the results.

I certainly crushed THAT belief! Now I have nothing to prove, I believe I am good enough exactly as I am, I allow myself to simply BE, and I feel far more accomplished, while working a lot less AND a lot more happily!

If you’re wondering how to crush your limiting beliefs, get in touch!


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