The Road Less Travelled

Jan 29, 2019

Could it be that you are holding yourself back - from doing what you truly want and being who you truly are - out of fear of being on the road less travelled? 

Are you expressing yourself openly and honestly, or are you letting the opinions of others stop you? 

Are you spending your days fearlessly and unapologetically, doing what you love, or are you thinking twice, three times and four times about what other people are going to think?

The truth is that yours is a unique road, a road that no one else can or ever will travel, simply because it’s YOUR road. We look at other people’s journeys for inspiration and we learn from their experiences, as we always will, just as they will inevitably learn from us. Learning from others doesn’t mean that we have to replicate their journey. In fact that’s impossible, apart from being unimaginative. 

WE pave our OWN road, with our own set of materials, our own twists and turns. Our road is so unique that it makes absolute sense for it to be less travelled. There’s only one of us! The more we travel our less travelled road, the happier we are and the more we are an inspiration to others. 

We spend a great deal of time and energy comparing our journey to others’ journeys. Wouldn’t it be more fruitful to focus on the beauty of our own road, even as we cross paths with and admire the roads of others? 

And we spend a great deal of time and energy wanting others to like our road, or waiting for permission to go on our journey. The truth is that people are focusing on their own roads and they have their own vision for what a road should look like, so again we are better off focusing on our own road and leaving them to focus on theirs. 

Being on the road less travelled can seem lonely, scary or uncomfortable at times, but it’s also exciting and liberating when we realize that it’s entirely up to us to make of it what we want, to keep it true to us, to keep it fun and to give it meaning. Imagine drawing your road and surrounding it with everything you love and paving it with everything that is beautiful to you. And imagine what it looks like further down the road.

In fact, even better, put that all down on paper. Bring your road to life, as you imagine it. Put in as many details as you can, using images, words, anything that inspires you. What surrounds your road? Where does it lead? What are you walking on? Imagine waking up every morning to walk on that road. What do you see, feel, think and hear? What would you like to add or remove to make that road even more attractive to walk on? 

To keep the walk invigorating you will want to have a destination, something that seems exciting to reach. You might have a short brisk walk one day, and a longer slow walk the next; or a full day of rest under the shade of a tree or giant candy cane or whatever you choose to have on your road. And you might find that you change your destination along the way as you learn and experience new things. And that’s perfectly ok. In fact, it’s part of the beauty of your road that unexpected things will come up for you to take in stride. 

If you can enjoy, learn and find meaning in the walk itself, the destination almost doesn’t matter because you’re enjoying the day to day, the moment to moment, doing YOUR thing, YOUR way, and that’s what matters most.


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