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I'm Rania Badreldin, a happiness consultant, transformational speaker and coach, NLP & Hypnosis master practitioner and seasoned social entrepreneur on a mission to help women coaches and speakers master happiness and success in their business and life. 
Through deep level inner work and business mentorship, I help passionate and highly driven coaches and speakers end the cycle of exhaustion, frustration, self-doubt and playing small so they can help others, increase their income AND enjoy the journey!

In this FREE pdf guide and workbook you will learn about 9 essential steps to your success AND start taking action towards it!

1. Know this: You are worthy!

2. Focus on the moment

3. Visualize the future you desire!

4. Master your mindset

5. Master your emotions

6. Set S.M.A.R.T goals

7. Use the power of your story

8. Nail your niche!

9. Package and share your superpowers!